KIU - Women with reproductive cancers

KIU is a patients association working on behalf of women with reproductive cancers.

About the association

The purpose of the association is


  • to help and support women in Denmark, who have or have had reproductive cancers and also their next of kin in a compassionate way.
  • to gather knowledge and experience on all aspect of the different types of reproductive cancers.
  • to be the mouthpiece for women with reproductive cancers towards the public, and also the politicians.
  • to help secure homogeneous treatment possibilities of a high standard everywhere in the country and to help ensure that women get proper information about the disease and its treatment options.
  • to bring reproductive cancer more into focus.
  • to get in contact with comparable patients associations in other countries.

The Board of KIU – click here for names and addresses

The history of KIU

KIU was started at the beginning of the 1990s. At the time there were some therapy and self-help groups for cancer patients, but not particularly for our type of disease. And by and large there was no focus on reproductive cancer in the media.

We have to do something about this, a couple of women thought. In 1993 they planned a seminar for women with reproductive cancers from all over the country together with Kræftens Bekæmpelse (The Danish Cancer Society).

They discovered that women with reproductive cancers had a need to meet with others in the same situation and a network was founded - a network, which existed until 2001, when an independent patients association was founded.

Some of the initiatives that were taken by this network still exist today, e.g. consultation hours at the hospitals.

We are working together with The Danish Cancer Society.